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Discover the Best Neighborhoods in McKinney, a Top Dallas Suburb

VIP Realty 8/22 7:38A (Richard
Best Neighborhoods in McKinney McKinney, Texas is one of the most desirable places to live in the Lone Star State, boasting some amazing neighborhoods. This guide introduces five of the best neighborhoods in McKinney, covering everything from...

Living in Dallas, Texas: Exploring Downtown, Deep Ellum, and More

VIP Realty 8/21 8:11A (Richard
Living in Dallas, Texas Dallas offers people a wide variety of experiences. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy world-class museums, sporting events, vibrant nightlife, and more. This overview covers some of Dallas' most popular destinations...

Moving to Frisco, TX: Best Neighborhoods and Amenities for Your Dream Home

VIP Realty 8/16 5:08P (Richard
Frisco Best Neighborhoods Frisco Texas, continues to attract new residents owing to its many attractions for families and businesses. The high quality of schools, low crime rate, and abundance of amenities have fueled the city's rapid growth....

Discover Your Dream Neighborhood in Dallas, Texas

VIP Realty 8/11 8:02A (Richard
Dream Neighborhoods in Dallas Every city has neighborhoods that lend themselves perfectly to certain residents. From charming aesthetic touches to practical conveniences, different neighborhoods appeal to different tastes. Dallas is no exception,...

Dallas vs San Antonio - Which Texas Metropolis Comes Out on Top?

VIP Realty 7/14 5:45A (Richard
Dallas vs San Antonio Would you like to move to a Texas metropolis but are having trouble deciding between Dallas and San Antonio? Whether you're searching for affordable living, job opportunities, culinary delights, or a fun vibe, both Texas...

Cost of Living in Dallas, Texas 2023

VIP Realty 7/10 10:10A (VIP Realty
As many would definitely agree, amazing things can happen for those who decide to reside in Dallas, Texas. Whether you are looking forward to that sumptuous meal served in an oversized plate, or that palatable Tex-Mex you have been craving for,...

How Much Will It Cost You To Build A House In Texas

VIP Realty 6/20 8:52A (VIP Realty
So, you have been dreaming of owning your own home in Texas. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of whether to buy or build, you have settled on building. The main question is how much does it cost to build a house in Texas? Are...

Texas Best City - Dallas vs Austin Where to Live in 2023

VIP Realty 6/20 8:51A (VIP Realty
When comparing Dallas vs Austin, both cities share one thing—they stand out as Texas' most desirable destinations. Locals and transplants from other states all desire to own a piece of the real estate that characterizes the exquisite...

Moving To North Texas? The Pros and Cons of Living in Coppell

VIP Realty 6/20 8:50A (VIP Realty
Coppell is a suburban community that is part of the Dallas city metro area. Located 20 miles from the heart of the city, Coppell is rapidly becoming one of the in-demand suburban districts in Dallas. Living in Coppell offers an out-of-town vibe,...

Top Five Neighborhoods to Live In McKinney, Texas

VIP Realty 6/20 8:48A (VIP Realty
Voted the 1 Best Place to Live in America by Money in 2014, McKinney is the 19th largest city in the state of Texas. The city’s allure stems from its affordable living, low crime, excellent schools, signature neighborhoods, and much more. Located...

Flower Mound, Texas Pros & Cons - Living, Working & Things to Do

VIP Realty 6/20 8:47A (VIP Realty
Are you planning to move to Texas, to be specific, the Dallas-Fort Worth area? One of the best Dallas suburbs you should consider is the charming town of Flower Mound. This town is conveniently located 29 miles northwest of Dallas and 33 miles...

Pros and Cons of Living in Carrollton, Texas - Moving to Carrollton

VIP Realty 6/20 8:45A (VIP Realty
Set in the heart of the DFW Metroplex, Carrollton offers a high quality of life, safe neighborhoods, top schools, and modern conveniences that are a big draw for both residents and newcomers. Home to over 125,000 people, some of the highlights of...

Moving from New York to Texas - Pros & Cons

VIP Realty 6/20 8:43A (VIP Realty
The adage that everything is bigger in Texas is true. The vast Texas landmass is bigger than some developed countries such as France, Germany, and New Zealand. From its incredible open spaces to a booming economy, Texas offers an amazing scope of...
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